The 3rd International Conference on Robotics, Artificial intelligence and Intelligent Control(RAIIC 2024)

Call For Papers

The 3rd International Conference on Robotics, Artificial intelligence and intelligent control(RAIIC 2024) will bring together leading researchers, engineers and scientists in the domain of interest from around the world.

·Research Directions of "Robotics and applications"

(1) Robot design, development and control;

(2) Simulation and modeling of robot system;

(3) robot intelligent autonomous system;

(4) robot human-computer interaction technology;

(5) Multi-robot technology.

·Research Directions of "Intelligent Control systems and optimization"  

(1) Intelligent control theory and system;

(2) Network intelligence and network control;

(3) Intelligent control of new energy and energy conservation and environmental protection;

(4) Intelligent fault detection and diagnosis;

(5) Cloud computing and computing intelligence.

·Research Directions of "Artificial Intelligence technology and applications"  

(1) Artificial intelligence and evolutionary algorithms;

(2) Distributed artificial intelligence algorithms and technologies;

(3) Image analysis and intelligent medical treatment;

(4) Machine learning and machine intelligence;

(5) Application of artificial intelligence in computational fluid dynamics.